Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 Contest Winners!!!

Home Category

1st Place: Laurie Nowling

2nd Place: Kerri King

3rd Place: Erin Montante

Nursery Category

1st Place: Kelli France

2nd Place: Deana Levine

3rd place: Lauren Savage

Studio Display

1st Place: Shelley DeJager

2nd Place: Allison Notgrass

3rd Place: Crackle Bingham

Hospital/Retail Display

1st place: Lauren Savage

2nd Place: Stephanie Seay

COVER WINNER:  To Be Announced at Imaging USA 2011!!!

Thank you for all our entries! We love seeing our frames in your clients homes!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Yep, Can you believe it is here again?  Well, we can and we are ready for some awesome shots from the most awesome photographers in the business, who just happen to be OUR clients!
Start ordering now to get what you need for the PERFECT SHOT!

PLEASE PLEASE Check Back Daily for Updates of Prizes!!!!

Here are the details:

Category 1:  Home
Our frames with your images in any "Home type" setting. 
 To be elidgeible for prizes, frames must be hanging or on easels.

Category 2:  Nursery
Our frames with your images in a Nursery setting.

Category 3: Retail / Hospital Display
Our frames with your images hung in a Retail space, hospital, physician's office etc.

Category 4: Studio Display
We want to see Wild Sorbet in your studio! 

Yep, some talented photog will be chosen to have their Image on the cover of our 2011 Catalog
along with a small biography of the artist inside!

Keep Checking Daily for listing of Prizes.

Cover Winner:
$400.00 Credit with Wild Sorbet
Color Set and Pose Guide from The Walden's!
FULL Scholarship from AFTER DARK for New Orleans!!
(a $400.00 value)
V Gallery's Evolution Complete Box Set
6 months of Pree-Vu Software
6x8 Jillian Backdrop + a 8ft baseboard ($800.value)
from Barbour Backdrops

Home Category
1st Place:  $250 in Wild Sorbet Product
3 months free with Animoto
3 months of Pree-VU software
VGallery Product Sampler
2nd Place: $150 in Wild Sorbet Product
Cool Camera Strap from Peppers
VGallery Product Sampler
3rd Place: $75 in Wild Sorbet Product
$10.00 off  Joy of Marketing Product
VGallery Product Sampler

Nursery Category
1st Place: $250 in Wild Sorbet Product
3 months free with Animoto
3 months of Pree Vu software
Vgallery Product Sampler CD
2nd Place: $150 in Wild Sorbet Product
3 months of Pree-Vu software
Vgallery Product Sampler CD
3rd Place: $75 in Wild Sorbet Products
3 months of Pree-Vu Software
Vgallery Product Sampler CD

Retail / Hospital Display Category
1st Place: $250 in Wild Sorbet Product
Cool stuff  from Design Revolution
3 months of Pree-Vu software
Vgallery Product Sampler CD

2nd Place: $150 in Wild Sorbet Product
3 months of Pree-Vu software
Vgallery Product Sampler CD

Studio Display
1st Place: $250 in Wild Sorbet Product
labeled "Feature Studio" in Catalog with "your story"
Vgallery Product Sampler CD

.........more to come
2nd Place: $150.00 in Wild Sorbet Product
Vgallery Product Sampler CD

.....more to come

Even if you don't Place as a winner - if we use your image in our catalog, blog or website you will receive 15% off any one frame for every image we use!! So what do you have to loose?  We need LOTS of images for our catalog!

I know.....I know...we hate them to but we have to have them.  (they're not too bad!
1.  We must receive your images between today and September 10th, 2010
2.  We must have permission (verbal or email is fine) to publish your images in our catalog
3. We must receive your image in 300 dpi (ready for print)
4. You are free to send as many "views" as you'd like for judging (we will only use one though)

Look at the 2010 Catalog (it is online if you don't have it)  these are good examples
of what we are looking for

  • Think "magazine Style"  use cool lighting!

  • Feel Free to "set it up" just to get a cool shot

  • Be sure to straighten pillows, make beds, turn off lamps to avoid glares, arrange accessory decor to best compliment the frame.

  • We REALLY need these: Stripes, Christmas Frames, Parisian, Gallery Frames and VGallery Frames and our new Multi-Opening Frames

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


You've been asking for it and we Listened!

Now Available: 

What is this?

1. Your Lab Drop Ships Us  Your Images
(2251 County Rd. 28, Florence, AL  35634)

2. We Insert your Image, apply paper backing, hanging hardware and even Rubber Bumpers!

3. We send it to you ready to present to your client!


16x20 and Smaller.........$8.00/frame
 Larger than 16x 20 ........$12.00/frame
Call 866-735-9707 to order
**yes, we are working on integrating it into our website
**yes, if you have an order here now, we can add the service if it has not already shipped

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A NEW Face at Wild Sorbet

Meet a New Face at WildSorbet!

We have a new business partner and are soooo excited!  Kerry DeLay McCane is now a joint owner in Wild Sorbet and with her business expertise in finance and manufacturing........well, just get ready, here we come !!!! Kerry lives in Kansas City but has an office here at our studio in Florence.  We just love it when she gets to visit which is about once a month. 
Here is Kerry with the girls......Kristi, Alyse, Debra, Alena, Ashlie and Cindy.....Kerry is the tall one in Blue!

To give a little history on Kerry, she began her professional career with Proctor & Gamble and was over the global distribution of  'Febreeze' - remember when that came out?  Well, that was Kerry!  She was more recently the CFO at Clockwork Home Services in Sarasota, FL. This is a company that franchises Mister Sparky Electrical, Benjamin Franklin Plumbling and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning!  This company was just on the Celebrity Apprentice - if you caught that episode.....very cool!  Anyway, Kerry now has her own consulting company but she and her husband decided to invest and actually become a part of Wild Sorbet.  For that, we are very grateful.  She has already improved many aspects of our business with many more on the way.  Most of which you will see soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks for your Thoughts!

Just a Note from me...asking for your thoughts and prayers.

As most of you know, I am originally from the Mississippi Coast.  Was born and raised on the Gulf and all of my family still call it home.  We named our "Seaside Stripe" collection after the towns along the Alabama and Florida coasts - just my summer memories! Well a few days ago my Mom who is in Pascagoula, MS sent me  this link  It is from the Boston Globe and is simply some pretty disturbing images of the oil spill.  I forwarded this link along with just a little note asking some of you to just remember them in your prayers and know that this is very real. I was just touched at the response.  Within almost 24 hrs nearly every photog replied to me just to say they cared.
Can I just say "WOW"!  Thank you .

I grew up boating, swimming, skiiing and fishing in these waters and I just want to cry as I watch this Oil getting closer and closer and ruining my beautiful coast.  My brother, in Ocean Springs absolutely loves Salt Water fishing.  Just this morning they closed another few  hundred square miles of the Gulf from fishing.  It is unsafe to eat the fist caught in these waters.  They are saying we may not have shrimp for 10 to 15 years. We have THE BEST sweet Shrimp!!! (in case you didn't know).

On top of this, the current Hurricane Season predictions according to NOAA are very grim.  This is suppose to be a very active and dangerous season.  Katrina was only 5 years ago.  I know some are tired of hearing of Katrina but my Grandmother lost her home and almost everything she had ever owned.  She is just one of many.  No pity needed or wanted by her, though.  My heart simply hurts when I think of just one more disaster for this area.

Anyway, I simply wanted to put this on our blog to share with everyone.  I am just so appreciative of your thoughts and prayers. I am a VERY strong believer in them!  If you can say one for them  - Thank you.


Monday, February 8, 2010

My weekend with Lori Nordstom . (and i finally met Julia Woods!)

What A Weekend!!!
I just have to say...Lori and Dan are the BEST!  Russ and I had an awesome time.  We went to Lori's Studio on Thursday and got the "Grand Tour".  I have to say, it is GORGEOUS!  So open and beautiful. And I'm not just saying that because our frames are in the window  ;0)  Her studio sits on one of 4 main streets that surround a quaint, small-town America 'Square' - complete with courthouse in the middle and all.
We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant on the square with Dan and Jaxon, Lori's son.  (let me just say - this is Burrito # 1 for Dan and Russ).We stayed in DesMoines at 'Hotel Dan', which I highly reccomend for anyone visiting DesMoines - the hospitality was unbelieveable. LOL!   A little too much snow for an Alabama Girl!
   The PPof Iowa convention started the next day and let me just say...WOW what an awsome State Convention - they had around 350 people there with some great speakers (Lori being one of them!)
Their organization is very strong and everyone was so nice!  All we had to do was speak and they knew we were visitors...LOL (wonder why?!)
So I got to finally meet Julia Woods. OMG - is she just the sweetest thing ever!  We all went to lunch. Lori, Dan, Russ, Julia, Dan and Alex McClanahan and another Dan - 3 Dan's at one table - how strange!  Dan (Lori's Dan) took us to the coolest place to eat, I had chicken (burrito # 2 for Lori, Dan and Russ).  Afterwards we went to West End Architechtural Salvage - they take old architectural pieces and make cool furniture and stuff.  Lori has the coolest giant frame they made for her our of old ceiling tins.
Saturday nite Lori spoke. She packed the room out!  We lined the room with frames and she gave 3 away.  I got to meet some really sweet Iowa photogs too! 
I warned her I would post these!Lori, they are (and you didn;t get to photoshop them!)  Oh, by the way, if anyone out there is in need of a good photographer/drummer/guitar player....she's your girl!  The theme party?  "Party Like a Rock Star" -  and boy did they!  Slash from GNR was there as well as all the members from KISS (in full make-up). 
After this late nite party, we headed to a secret, late-nite, mexican hide-away that (I think ) only Dan could find and yes, had yet another Burrito (# 3).  (not that I was counting!)
Sunday Morning we went to Julia's program.  She is a fabulous speaker.  I am proud to say...i have a new bff! ;0)  She was such a blessing to meet and talk to. She is one of those people who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside (if that's even possible!) We chatted all the way to the airport together and well, she almost missed her plane b/c of it! Sorry Julia!!  Can't wait to see ya in Vegas.
Russ and I hated saying goodbye but we had to.  I want to make it a requirement that to order Wild Sorbet frames, you must be a member or Photo Talk Forum !  but I guess i can'tdo that!  I do have to say it is an awesome forum and worth cheking out!
Lori and I had to get in one pose with a WS frame after her program!
Lori, Julia and I after Lori's Program

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Imaging USA 2010 and Wild Sorbet
We had a BLAST!! What a great show. Almost 10,000 photographers in Nashville, TN. It was Freezing and snowed almost every day but we didn't care! Take a peek at our fun.....

TOTAL CHAOS!!  Lots of work to do!  This is our crate that Russ built so that we can ROLL (most) everything we need into the show in 1 trip. Problem's never just 1 trip.....LOL!The "idea" was a good one, so we give him an "E" for Effort!

This was the far left side of our booth.  It was designed to resemble a den.  We had a sillouette of a sofa painted on beadbord with a chair rail, wallpaper and even crown moulding and baseboards.  The idea?  After we hung a beautiful grouping of a family above the sofa, the photographer could get a visual of what we can do with these awesome frames.  It's inspiration for you to share with your clients!

TA - DA!!!!!

The finished booth!  Paper Lanterns and All!  We wanted everyone to come by our booth and EVERYONE loves a party sooooo.....we made our booth look like a BIG PARTY!!! 
If you didn't come, it's not b/c you weren't invited!

Vicki Taufer and Me. She was VERY busy. Did you follow her on Twitter while she was there?

Me, Ashlie and Sarah Petty sporting her New favorite long- sleeve T-shirt!!!

Jill Wight, owner of the awesome Jill e Bags.  We LOVE Jill!!

Me and Elissa Kadue.  Elissa is in Minnesota and is one of our greatest cutomers.  I think she orders DAILY.   It was so great to see her in person. She and her friend even helped us set up - now that's a GOOD customer!

Me, Rebecca Doehring and Ashlie!  Becca has been a customer since the begining.  Her beautiful baby, Edie Sue was the  baby in the Nursery Collection frames in our booth - she is adorable!!!!

Laura Cotril, a customer since our first tradeshow...Chicks who Click!  We love Laura!

We are going to WPPI in Vegas....come see us!!