Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A NEW Face at Wild Sorbet

Meet a New Face at WildSorbet!

We have a new business partner and are soooo excited!  Kerry DeLay McCane is now a joint owner in Wild Sorbet and with her business expertise in finance and manufacturing........well, just get ready, here we come !!!! Kerry lives in Kansas City but has an office here at our studio in Florence.  We just love it when she gets to visit which is about once a month. 
Here is Kerry with the girls......Kristi, Alyse, Debra, Alena, Ashlie and Cindy.....Kerry is the tall one in Blue!

To give a little history on Kerry, she began her professional career with Proctor & Gamble and was over the global distribution of  'Febreeze' - remember when that came out?  Well, that was Kerry!  She was more recently the CFO at Clockwork Home Services in Sarasota, FL. This is a company that franchises Mister Sparky Electrical, Benjamin Franklin Plumbling and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning!  This company was just on the Celebrity Apprentice - if you caught that episode.....very cool!  Anyway, Kerry now has her own consulting company but she and her husband decided to invest and actually become a part of Wild Sorbet.  For that, we are very grateful.  She has already improved many aspects of our business with many more on the way.  Most of which you will see soon!

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