Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Imaging USA 2010 and Wild Sorbet
We had a BLAST!! What a great show. Almost 10,000 photographers in Nashville, TN. It was Freezing and snowed almost every day but we didn't care! Take a peek at our fun.....

TOTAL CHAOS!!  Lots of work to do!  This is our crate that Russ built so that we can ROLL (most) everything we need into the show in 1 trip. Problem is...it's never just 1 trip.....LOL!The "idea" was a good one, so we give him an "E" for Effort!

This was the far left side of our booth.  It was designed to resemble a den.  We had a sillouette of a sofa painted on beadbord with a chair rail, wallpaper and even crown moulding and baseboards.  The idea?  After we hung a beautiful grouping of a family above the sofa, the photographer could get a visual of what we can do with these awesome frames.  It's inspiration for you to share with your clients!

TA - DA!!!!!

The finished booth!  Paper Lanterns and All!  We wanted everyone to come by our booth and EVERYONE loves a party sooooo.....we made our booth look like a BIG PARTY!!! 
If you didn't come, it's not b/c you weren't invited!

Vicki Taufer and Me. She was VERY busy. Did you follow her on Twitter while she was there?

Me, Ashlie and Sarah Petty sporting her New favorite long- sleeve T-shirt!!!

Jill Wight, owner of the awesome Jill e Bags.  We LOVE Jill!!

Me and Elissa Kadue.  Elissa is in Minnesota and is one of our greatest cutomers.  I think she orders DAILY.   It was so great to see her in person. She and her friend even helped us set up - now that's a GOOD customer!

Me, Rebecca Doehring and Ashlie!  Becca has been a customer since the begining.  Her beautiful baby, Edie Sue was the  baby in the Nursery Collection frames in our booth - she is adorable!!!!

Laura Cotril, a customer since our first tradeshow...Chicks who Click!  We love Laura!

We are going to WPPI in Vegas....come see us!!

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