Monday, February 8, 2010

My weekend with Lori Nordstom . (and i finally met Julia Woods!)

What A Weekend!!!
I just have to say...Lori and Dan are the BEST!  Russ and I had an awesome time.  We went to Lori's Studio on Thursday and got the "Grand Tour".  I have to say, it is GORGEOUS!  So open and beautiful. And I'm not just saying that because our frames are in the window  ;0)  Her studio sits on one of 4 main streets that surround a quaint, small-town America 'Square' - complete with courthouse in the middle and all.
We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant on the square with Dan and Jaxon, Lori's son.  (let me just say - this is Burrito # 1 for Dan and Russ).We stayed in DesMoines at 'Hotel Dan', which I highly reccomend for anyone visiting DesMoines - the hospitality was unbelieveable. LOL!   A little too much snow for an Alabama Girl!
   The PPof Iowa convention started the next day and let me just say...WOW what an awsome State Convention - they had around 350 people there with some great speakers (Lori being one of them!)
Their organization is very strong and everyone was so nice!  All we had to do was speak and they knew we were visitors...LOL (wonder why?!)
So I got to finally meet Julia Woods. OMG - is she just the sweetest thing ever!  We all went to lunch. Lori, Dan, Russ, Julia, Dan and Alex McClanahan and another Dan - 3 Dan's at one table - how strange!  Dan (Lori's Dan) took us to the coolest place to eat, I had chicken (burrito # 2 for Lori, Dan and Russ).  Afterwards we went to West End Architechtural Salvage - they take old architectural pieces and make cool furniture and stuff.  Lori has the coolest giant frame they made for her our of old ceiling tins.
Saturday nite Lori spoke. She packed the room out!  We lined the room with frames and she gave 3 away.  I got to meet some really sweet Iowa photogs too! 
I warned her I would post these!Lori, they are (and you didn;t get to photoshop them!)  Oh, by the way, if anyone out there is in need of a good photographer/drummer/guitar player....she's your girl!  The theme party?  "Party Like a Rock Star" -  and boy did they!  Slash from GNR was there as well as all the members from KISS (in full make-up). 
After this late nite party, we headed to a secret, late-nite, mexican hide-away that (I think ) only Dan could find and yes, had yet another Burrito (# 3).  (not that I was counting!)
Sunday Morning we went to Julia's program.  She is a fabulous speaker.  I am proud to say...i have a new bff! ;0)  She was such a blessing to meet and talk to. She is one of those people who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside (if that's even possible!) We chatted all the way to the airport together and well, she almost missed her plane b/c of it! Sorry Julia!!  Can't wait to see ya in Vegas.
Russ and I hated saying goodbye but we had to.  I want to make it a requirement that to order Wild Sorbet frames, you must be a member or Photo Talk Forum !  but I guess i can'tdo that!  I do have to say it is an awesome forum and worth cheking out!
Lori and I had to get in one pose with a WS frame after her program!
Lori, Julia and I after Lori's Program

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