Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks for your Thoughts!

Just a Note from me...asking for your thoughts and prayers.

As most of you know, I am originally from the Mississippi Coast.  Was born and raised on the Gulf and all of my family still call it home.  We named our "Seaside Stripe" collection after the towns along the Alabama and Florida coasts - just my summer memories! Well a few days ago my Mom who is in Pascagoula, MS sent me  this link  It is from the Boston Globe and is simply some pretty disturbing images of the oil spill.  I forwarded this link along with just a little note asking some of you to just remember them in your prayers and know that this is very real. I was just touched at the response.  Within almost 24 hrs nearly every photog replied to me just to say they cared.
Can I just say "WOW"!  Thank you .

I grew up boating, swimming, skiiing and fishing in these waters and I just want to cry as I watch this Oil getting closer and closer and ruining my beautiful coast.  My brother, in Ocean Springs absolutely loves Salt Water fishing.  Just this morning they closed another few  hundred square miles of the Gulf from fishing.  It is unsafe to eat the fist caught in these waters.  They are saying we may not have shrimp for 10 to 15 years. We have THE BEST sweet Shrimp!!! (in case you didn't know).

On top of this, the current Hurricane Season predictions according to NOAA are very grim.  This is suppose to be a very active and dangerous season.  Katrina was only 5 years ago.  I know some are tired of hearing of Katrina but my Grandmother lost her home and almost everything she had ever owned.  She is just one of many.  No pity needed or wanted by her, though.  My heart simply hurts when I think of just one more disaster for this area.

Anyway, I simply wanted to put this on our blog to share with everyone.  I am just so appreciative of your thoughts and prayers. I am a VERY strong believer in them!  If you can say one for them  - Thank you.


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