Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Images from Kelly Ng

Some really cool Wedding images (in some really cool frames) from photographer Kelly Ng. VERY creative, Kelly!!!

The top 2 frames are Bungalow Trimlings in Formal Bronze
The 3rd frame is a 6" 16x24 Formal Bronze with Rubbed Bronze on Bungalow
side note: this is what we call our "twist on the tradidional" and is one of our biggest sellers!
The 4th frame is a 2" 4x10 Posh Pink with Purely Pink on gables
The last frame is a 2" 4x10 Formal Silver with Fruit punch on Rope.


Anonymous said...

Ooh...what color is this frame (the third one down)? I love it!

Jamelle said...

same question. I love that color. it's looks so classy.