Friday, March 27, 2009

Since some of you are new to us, we thought we would post the contest winners from last fall.
They were on our old blog, but wanted you to see them here too!
YES, we will be having another contest get ready!
We want your images, in our frames, hung on walls in a room setting!!!

Everyone always wants to know the colors of the frames we put on our blog so here ya go!

1. By Andrea Graeve:

Frame base: Espresso Trim: Haven on Plain Dots: Sugar cookie

2. By Elissa Kadue

Frame base: Candy Apple/Milk Chocoate Stripe Trim: Butternut Squash on Gables

3. By Andrea Rodman

Frame Base: Formal Bronze Trim: Rubbed Bronze Rope

4. By Kerri King

Frame Base: Posh Pink Trim:Custom green (to match bedding) Wavy Dots: Shave Ice Blue

5. By Michelle Tippman

16x20 Frame Base: Posh Pink Trim: Granny Smith Wavy

10x10 Wavy Trimlings: Strawberry Parfait, Green Apple and Raspberry

6. By Lisa Harden

Frame Base: Strawberry Parfait Trim: Milk Chocolate Wavy Dots: Milk Chocolate

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